Wagyu Farms

Miyazaki: Ozaki Farm

The distinction of Ozaki Beef is only conferred on that cattle on Ozaki Farm in Miyazaki Prefecture that are raised from calves. This is the only brand in Japan where a meat vendor has brought a full brand to market. A 5ha plot on the outskirts of Miyazaki is where 1,000 cattle are fattened and raised. Summers reach about 35 degrees Celsius, while there is no snowfall in winter. The climate is largely temperate year-round, with ample rainfall, which allows the pasture to grow, making it the ideal climate for raising wagyu cattle.

Ozaki Wagyu

Here we showcase the farm operated by Mr. Ozaki.

Muneharu Ozaki

Mr. Ozaki learned cutting-edge cattle raising and beef production techniques at a farm in the United States with 17,000 heads of cattle. However, he harbored misgivings about the idea of fattening cattle as soon as possible for shipment in the pursuit of mass production. He returned to Japan with a vision of creating beef that he, his family, and his friends could eat with peace of mind. He eventually took the reins of a farm and started by raising 100 cattle, devoting thirty years to developing beef that he felt confident putting his name on.

What makes Mr. Ozaki’s beef delicious

  • 1. A stress-free climate for cattle
  • 2. A fixed time for feeding
  • 3. Allowing the cattle to sleep
  • 4. Cleaning the stables in the morning
  • 5. Producing a product that the owner actually wants to eat