Farm Introduction

Kyoto Ayabe Farm
(Fujimoto Ranch)

This area is held to be the birthplace of Takauji Ashikaga, a military commander. The area has long had ties to central Kyoto, which was once the imperial capital. The region is famous for textiles, with the abundant nature creating the ideal climate for raising silkworms for silk. Through the center of this area runs the Yuragawa River, with traditional rope bridges still being used by locals, and waters known for their high quality. There are few cattle farms here, but Fujimoto Farm plays a leading role in contributing to the agriculture of the area.

Kyoto Wagyu

Kyoto, Japan’s old imperial capital, was a frontrunner in the development of techniques for fattening cattle. This history dates back as far as 1310, where it was discussed in documents depicting the wagyu culture. Kyoto wagyu is developed by master farmers one head of cattle at a time, using the bounty of Kyoto’s rich waters and four seasons. Its fine taste and elegant mouthfeel make it a true delicacy.

Kyoto Ayabe Beef