Corporate Summary

Name Wagyu Trading DMCC
Trade Name Wagyu Trading Japan
Headquarters Unit No: 1313, DMCC Business Centre
TEL / FAX + 971 56 487 9904
President Hideaki Shimizu
Dubai representative Yoshihito Otani
Established May 2016
Business scope Import, wholesale, and retail of wagyu beef
Restaurant operation
Affiliated firms Kirishima Ranch Co., Ltd.
Ozaki Farm, Co., Ltd. (Japan)
SFoods, Inc. (Japan)

Privacy Policy

Wagyu Trading Japan (hereafter, "Company") considers it our responsibility to safeguard the privacy and personal information of our customers. Personal information disclosed by customers via applications and inquiries from our web page, and telephone and e-mail inquiries, that could be used to identify an individual (hereafter, "Personal Information") is handled in the following manner:

  • Personal Information is that information that can be used to identify an individual and includes, but is not limited to, name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.
  • Where the Company collects Personal Information, the intended use shall be explicitly stated and said Personal Information collected only within said scope.
  • The Company shall take all reasonable measures to manage Personal Information and prevent its leakage, alteration, and unauthorized access.
  • Excluding the cases below, the Company, as a rule, shall not provide or disclose Personal Information to third parties.
  • 1. Where requested to formally cooperate in writing with entities with the legally-mandated authority to view said information;
  • 2. Where consent is obtained from the customer(s) in question.

Where a customer wishes to view or change his or her own Personal Information, said information shall be disclosed only where the customer's identity can be verified by means stipulated by the Company. The Company shall comply with applicable laws, statutes, and regulations concerning Personal Information and review and revise this Privacy Policy as necessary.
Created December 2016